Motorbike and Scooter Courses

We aim to empower our customers with riding skills and knowledge. The training material and exercises are designed to give you a full understanding of all aspects of motorbikes and riding. 

Our beginner training is one on one training.  Safety Training and Off Road is in a group.  K53 yard test training is also one on one.  The training is all consistent and thorough no matter what you would prefer. Please get in touch to discuss your training requirements.   

Summary of Courses

Introduction to Motorbikes: Learn to Ride
Content Safety talk, bike controls, exercises learning slow control of the bike.

One on one training

A training program will be recommended thereafter depending on your ability.


No motorbike or scooter riding experience necessary.

Must be able to ride a bicycle.


Wear sturdy shoes, jeans, jacket.

If you have motorbike safety gear, then bring it with.

On booking, mention if you need to use our helmet or motorbike.

Next Step

Practice riding either with your instructor or on your own bike in a safe area.


Experienced Rider: Safety Riding

Teaching new riders essential emergency skills that you will definitely use as soon as you start riding, hazard perception training.


 Group training day 9-3pm (6 hours).

 Or approximately 2-4 hours of one on one training depending on your ability.


Adequate throttle and clutch control and general ability to ride.

A valid Learner's Licence.


Your own bike is preferable and wear safety gear.

Learner's Licence.

Next Step

Practice riding and these emergency skills regularly.  

Road riding with your Instructor.


Road Riding Lesson 

Riding on the road with your Instructor who will assist teaching

more advanced skills like hill starts, filterning, overtaking, u-turns, intersections.

You will be giving a written/verbal report assessing your riding ability and understanding of the road.

Duration Minimum of 2 hours and possibly more as required.

Competent riding skills.

Learner's Licence.


Safety gear.

Riding your own bike is preferable.

Next Step Start riding and gain confidence before signing up to do your motorcycle K53 yard test.

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If you have bought a NEW Honda motorbike larger than 125cc, you qualify for a complimentary training session.  If you wish to book please contact us with your VIN number by email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  You can choose one of the following lessons: Learn to Ride (a beginners lesson full day) or Safety Riding (full day) or a 2 hour private lesson covering training tailored to your needs including Road Riding or your K53 preparation lesson.