One on One Road Riding Lessons

Our training is based on one-on-one lessons with our Instructors.  Beginner lessons will be held in a secure space away from the public road.  But there comes a time when you have to actually get out onto the road.  

An Instructor will ride with you on the road and guide you doing some difficult and daunting things like hill starts, riding in busy traffic, u turns, motorways and more... Anything the public road can throw at you.  Your instructor will be there with you to make this learning curve safer and less stressful.

Please note that if you are riding on the road with us, you must do so legally and have a valid Motorcycle Licence or Learner's Licence and have your skills assessed by the instructor before embarking on a road ride. Make sure you have your papers with you.

If you do not own a bike yet, we will supply you with a bike and helmet for the road riding lesson. 

Individual lessons are hourly rate with a 2 hour minimum for road riding.  Booking is essential, and can be done any day of the week, Monday to Sunday. Go to Contact Us to submit an enquiry.