Motorbike K53 Test Preparation Lesson

We all have to do our K53 yard test to get a legal bike licence.  Two Wheel Training Academy can prepare you for your K53 yard test and explain the exercises you will do for the test. We have built up an excellent pass rate of 90% over more than 8 years of training.


Costs: 2 hour lesson at R300/hour (R600). Additional lessons are charged at R300/hour. It is not possible to do a first K53 lesson in under 2 hours. There is a lot to go through for a first lesson. Use of the academy motorcycle is free. We will also supply helmets for the training and test if you require a helmet.

Renting of the academy motorcycle is R300 for the actual test. We prepare and deliver the motorcycle to the test grounds for you. 


K53 Prep Lessons takes place at the Greenpoint Stadium.  Please book as soon as you have your test date. Having a booking for your riding test gives us the opportunity to plan your K53 training ahead of time, scheduling it in such a way that you pass the test easier. 


NB: we do not assist with the actual writing or booking of the learner's test. We also do not do the booking of K53 tests. That is the sole responsibility of the client/learner rider.  

If you need to study for your Learner's Licence this website is recommended

Or use Yebo Students - and practice for free.

All bookings are subject to availability so please call and make your bookings as soon as you know your test date.

Motorbike test centres are:

Milnerton - William Penn Drive - 021 550 1324

Belville - Belrail Road - 021 918 2128

Parow - Beacon Road - 021 936 8730

Somerset West - Victoria Street - 021 400 3915

Gallows Hills - Corner Ebenezer and Somerset Rd - 021 406 8742