Introduction to Motorbikes: Learn to Ride

Introduction to Motorbikes: Learn to Ride (LTR) is ideal training for beginner riders.  We assume no motorbike experience at all.  You must however, be able to ride a bicycle.


Learn to Ride is the best place to start and then we can assess what further training you require.  Remember that everyone learns at their own pace - some take to riding quickly while others need more practice riding.  The most important thing is that you learn the most essential riding skills right from the start.


Introduction to Motorbikes: Learn to Ride is very focussed training and tailored to your individual needs.  The first lesson is 2 or more hours.  Most people need 3 hours to start riding.  The rest of your training program will be worked out with your Instructor according to your individual needs and your skill level.  


We train Monday to Saturday at the Greenpoint Stadium.

We supply helmets if you don't have one yet.  Please wear jeans and sturdy shoes.  We will NOT train anyone wearing flip-flops. If it is cold or rainy you need to bring extra warm clothes.  Bring some water or juice along too.


Booking is essential.  Go to Contact Us to submit an enquiry.