Safety Riding for the Experienced Rider

Safety Riding is recommended for all riders no matter how new you feel to the whole motorbike experience.   You will be forced into situations that you need to know emergency skills from the first day you ride.  You need to have mastered basic throttle and clutch control and feel comfortable riding - but you don't have to be an experienced rider.  


Safety Riding will teach you skills and hazard perception that will make you a more confident, safe rider.  Should you face a tricky situation, you should know how to handle it - so this is the opportunity to learn these life-saving skills.   You will learn about cornering, braking, filtering and practice emergency braking, hills, skids and swerves. 

Once a month there is a Group Safety Riding full day of training from 9am until 3pm held at Sea Point High School.  Please see the calendar for dates.  In this class you can enjoy the social side in addition to doing your safety training.  This is a great course for people who have not been riding for a while and need to refresh their riding skills and hazard perception.


One on one Safety Training focuses on your individual needs and is more intense but also flexible.  Your Instructor can really focus on those areas that you are having trouble with.


Please note that a valid Learner's Licence is essential and you must bring it with as you may ride on the public road.  You should wear safety gear or at least jeans, sturdy shoes and a jacket. If it is cold or rainy you need to bring extra warm clothes.  

Please look at our Promotions page for packages and promotions because Safety Training is discounted if you have completed our Learn to Ride course.


Booking is essential.  See our calendar for dates or email for more information.  Go to Contact Us to submit an enquiry.