About Two Wheel Training Academy

Two Wheel Training Academy specialises in teaching people how to ride motorbikes and scooters - giving thorough information and riding skills to make you a safer rider. 


Research was done in the UK, SA and USA to gather an understanding of the causes of motorbike accidents; only to discover that the majority of motorbike accidents are caused by simple errors that inexperienced riders make.  The training that Two Wheel Training Academy provides is based on UK and USA training.  We teach people to ride with confidence; and also to have a positive attitude towards safety and life-saving riding skills.   

Two Wheel Training Academy is a social enterprise and one of our projects is to get into high schools and colleges; and teach a good attitude safety as soon as possible.

Please note we have a School Programme, so please get in touch if you are interested (aged 16+) - because we are serious about safety.